What’s in it for you?

  • Double (sometimes triple) your commission
  • You represent us on every transaction you bring us
  • Cash offers= flexible closing timelines
  • We share our knowledge and resources with our partners
  • We have experience in closing complex scenarios
  • We make your job painless
  • Access to premiere open house opportunities
  • We provide an option to homeowners who may have limited options left for their properties
  • We provide our preferred agents with the tools and resources necessary to understand the local distressed market and how to identify the best opportunities

What makes We Buy VA Homes different?

  • In House Construction Management
  • High Quality Workmanship
  • Deep Relationships With Local Realtors
  • We Stand Behind Our Word
  • A Dedicated Operations Team
  • Modern Renovation Styles
  • Family Owned and Operated Company

Work with Us!

  • Minimized Workload: We do everything in our power to limit the time you spend servicing us
  • Real Offers: We will not submit offers with the intent to negotiate down later
  • Communication: We will respond quickly and diligently to your requests
  • On Time Closings: We will close on or before our agreed upon close date

Get Your No Obligation Offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Give us a call at (804) 294-3176 or fill out our form to get started.